InteriorAR: Interior design you love

We think computers should make our lives easier not more complicated. If you hate moving like we do, maybe you should try our solution to design the interior of your new place. Home sweet home.

How it works

AR Design Tools at Your Finger Tips: Take a 3D scan of your new place with our App to generate a virtual floor plan.Based on the 3D scan our App will suggest a portfolio of furniture which you can extend and customize.Printout or order the floor plan and furniture as paper models and arrange them with your handsTake a snapshot with our App to visualize and walk trough your new home!

The Team

We are a team of makers, desginers, dreamers and coders.
That's what we are. We are Andreas and Bastian.

Contact Us

Be the first to enter a new world of interior design you're going to love. Give us a shout!

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